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Wrote this as a review, but decided to put it here too:

I have 11 hours of playtime on this game and holy hell I LOVE IT!! It definitely reminds me of Blooming Panic, I love the video calls and the voice actors were all really good!! As an aspiring voice actor, it was so satisfying to hear such great VAs. Also love the touch of the extra VAs for the other characters!  I loved Xs character because I usually love flirty characters, but man I did not expect to like OffKey as much as I thought.  

Btw, if you ever are in need for a female extra voice actresses (Im not 18 yet tho just for you to know), I would be more than happy to maybe maybe help out. Only if that's ok!! (And maybe concept art or writing if you ever need help for that too ;))

Anyways, thank you so much for making this fantastic game, it really made me relate to all the characters. I had a very bad experience when I was younger and that event caused people to sexualize me, so I understand somewhat the troubles BB went through. I always push through even if I need a break, and even if it hurts me, like X and watcher. And I try to help people as much as I can even if I can't do the most that others might be able to, like watcher and OffKey. Thank you again, love all of you that worked on this wonderful game and I can't wait to see more <33

From, Orange X


Hi! Glad you enjoyed the game and that the characters resonated with you. The VAs are honestly such an inspiration to us as well, so we're glad that you share our sentiment. ^.^

Regarding recruitment, we aren't looking for anyone at the moment, but when we are, we will be posting on the Heartmoor Studios Twitter about it, so keep an eye on that!

heyo! Really enjoying the game so far. Currently on BB's route and I think I've encountered a bug.

I'm in day 6 of the story where BB isn't going to the con because of a fan ambush. X dm'd me basically telling me about the situation and after the end of that chat the game isn't progressing at all. I can navigate the UI but nothing else is happening. I assume the game is meant to fade out and continue?

Hoping this gets fixed soon because I'm really liking the game so far!

oh wow this wasn't a bug. It wasn't very clear but you have to click their profile and go to dms. Well then.... interesting indeed....


Oops, yeah, that was how to proceed! That was something we should have made clearer and we apologize. Glad to hear you're enjoying the game so far though!

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game is great!

I had a lot of fun playing it and became a simp for BB and X anyway I recommend it to everyone!

the game is adorable i love the ending with BB!
and i like watcher very much too! he is so cute!

ochh  yet offkey! she's great i just love her.
her character is wonderful and her voice is simply beautiful!

thank you for creating such a cute and funny game
hope to find more games like this! ♡

Heya, glad to hear you've enjoyed the game and that the characters resonated with you! Don't blame ya for becoming a simp for BB and X - they've both got their own charm. ;)

There are definitely more great chat sim games out there that were submitted to Otome Jam this year. Blooming Panic is another awesome one (and one of the inspirations for this game!), if you haven't checked it out yet. You've definitely got options. :D

well, I've already played in Blooming Panic!
the game is great too

but actually Mythic Meetup stole my heart!
I love the Design and the characters
and their stories!

i just love this game somehow haha (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Ah, gotcha! Flattered to hear that then. ^.^

I just finished every route and I had so much fun playing! amazing job!


Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it! :D

Going into this, I didn't realize that your initial actions effect which route you end up on (as opposed to meeting everyone and then formally selecting your route). I dove right into the game, but certainly was not upset with the outcome. I wound up on watcher route and 100% was on board with this. 

He's so adorable, and I wanted romance, so I was flirty early on. I was grinning like an idiot during the cute things he kept saying, especially when he would get embarrassed over the fact that his feelings were showing. I nearly squealed when he let the pet name, "Habibi," slip out. Apparently, I am totally into shy blushy guys. Normally I go for the cocky character or strong and silent one, but I suppose there is overlap here since those character types often get flustered and blushy once real feelings are involved.  

Possible spoilers below ---------

It was cool to see some Arabic and Middle Eastern representation since that's one you don't see very often. I also thought the discussion of being an outsider to part of your own culture was handled well. It's a topic I have some personal experience with (colonialism sucks) and I really wish I had been able to give Wolf a piece of my mind or at least tell him to back off. I was also mad at X for expecting everyone to have the same abilities to confront things head-on. Neither of them was being very sensitive about something that they have never really had to deal with and I was V angry. Trauma responses won't magically disappear just because you really want to get better. It's also not easy to handle getting involved with a culture you were cut off from while raised in a different one. Nor is it reasonable to expect someone to abandon the culture they were raised in once they begin reconnecting with the other. It's always a very complex and personal matter.

I like that the game lets you help give input on the friend drama as an interested party and outsider to the politics. So many were being too harsh on my boy and it made me genuinely angry. I'm glad that the relationship development allows you to help him grow as a person and learn to stand up for himself more. I was upset when it looked like he would be disappearing for a while and was very relieved that he decided that he would be staying in contact with me regardless of what happened with the main group. The ending scene where it is revealed you are actually going with him as moral support to meet his mom's side of the family was very heartwarming and gave the warm fuzzies. 

I was really happy and surprised by this game and as you can clearly see, I had a lot of feelings. Thank you so much for your hard work creating this gem of a game and your realistic handling of complex cultural matters.

Aw, thanks for playing and leaving such a sweet review! We are really glad you enjoyed the game. watcher's route is close to my (Smoke) heart as a writer as well, so I'm very happy to see he's resonated with you. ^.^

this game was fun! i enjoyed the characters. i feel like the video call sections of the game kinda let the rest down, the programming was a little janky there (maybe a first time programmer on that section?) but the audio did sound really good, so kudos to the editor there. offkey best girl.


i play the game 


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

Exception: Possible infinite loop.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "common_chat.rpyc", line 452, in script call

  File "rahim_chat_3.rpyc", line 274, in script call

  File "rahim_chat_5.rpyc", line 274, in script call

  File "rahim_chat_7.rpyc", line 60, in script

  File "renpy/", line 61, in check_infinite_loop

    raise Exception("Possible infinite loop.")

Exception: Possible infinite loop.



Mythic Meetup 1.4

Fri Jul 22 23:07:29 2022

[/code]  i got this error 

Hi, thanks for letting us know! At what part of the game did you get this error? Also, were you able to bypass this error?

i not pass the error

Hm, this was likely caused by the number of wait pauses we set throughout the game. Try going back to your last save point on the route before then and playing up to that point. Let us know if there's still an issue!


im working through all the endings right now and just!!!! i love this game so much!!!!! i made watcher fanart already even though his romance ending was the only one i couldnt get initially :,]

such a good game, stellar work all around. looking forward to getting all the endings :D

Heya, glad you're enjoying the game! And would definitely love to see watcher fanart - the sweet boy deserves it. ^.^


i love the game

Glad you enjoyed it! :D

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hi!! i absolutely love the concept for this game :D! though i wanted to ask if you had any videos/tutorials you could link me for how to do the discord like chatroom you did, and the "is typing" popup? because the only tutorial i could really find on it was a phone text message popup </3 im trying to make a chat based VN like this game formatted as if its on a computer, like blooming panic, error143, etc but im super lost, i tried the renpy reddit as well but no luck. any advice is super appreciated

Hey, glad you enjoyed the concept! Unfortunately, there weren't any videos/tutorials we used. The Blooming Panic code is open source, so you could probably find it in there. The lemmasoft forums and renpy discord are also good starting points. Best of luck in your search!


thank you! i actually did look at the code but i have no idea what im looking for lol 😭 thank you though


Absolutely amazing!! Each of the routes had their own charm to them, and you can tell the love and passion that went into the creation of this. Phenomenal job you guys. (I also loved that you guys didn't shy away from discussing acephobia. As an asexual myself, it means a lot to see healthy representation / discussions about some of the expectations and ideals asexuals, and even aromantics, have to go through.)

Also, I do want to mention a minor bug I found! After the recent update, when doing BB's romantic end, I noticed the game kept jumping back to the final call with them after the cg scene! I'm unsure if it's just a fluke on my end or not, but I wanted to mention it just in case :D

Heya! Glad you enjoyed the game and that the acephobia discussion resonated with you. The team had a lot of fun making it, so it's great seeing others enjoy it too. ^.^

And no worries, thanks for letting us know about the bug! We've seen that one from a couple people now and are not sure what's causing it, but we'll definitely be looking into it for sure!


Fun game! I absolutely adore X's character and the story. I very much enjoyed this game, thank you! 

Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for playing! X is quite the fun one, isn't he? ;)

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Haven't finished the game yet but omggggg BB IS BEST GIRL, ALL HAIL ACE QUEEN 😍😍😍❤❤❤

I love her so much, I want to give her lots of hugs and chaste kisses 😭😭😭💘💘💘

Her route was really good, I really liked her initial tsundere phase and how she slowly started getting more comfortable around the MC 🥰❤😍 

Also both her fox form and human form are so cuuuute ☺️💘😭

On another note, I think you portrayed the acephobia really well. I felt really sad for BB throughout the whole route. No matter how much you may think you know a person, it's really not okay to push your ideals on them. It made me really happy that one of the characters put that outloud and didn't excuse the ex's attitude.

Can't wait to play more!! ☺️❤


Heya, thanks for playing! Glad that BB resonated with you and that the acephobia handling came through well. World always needs some more good ace rep. ;)

Have fun with the other routes! ^.^


A lot of high quality submission and this is one of them. Congrats for finishing it ^^

Thank you! :D


crrryyyyy, got through all the routes tonight and I just love them all so much. Such a beautiful game, it's definitely worth it to take your time through everyone's routes before x. I just need to go back for friendship routes with a couple characters... Cursed completionist compulsion.

What struck me was that the side characters also have VCs?! So cool! Voices really round out my imagination so the whole server had voices in the grey matter movie reel while going through the story. They also had such strong personalities--made their reactions throughout very BAM. 

Aww, thank you and glad you enjoyed it! Regarding the side characters, we had a blast working with their VAs, so we're glad you thought they were a nice touch. ^.^

So happy you put up walkthroughs now  I can know exactly what endings I got. :D 


No problem! In general, if you get a CG at the end, it's the romantic end and if you got a black screen with voiceover, then it's the friendship end. We'll definitely make this more clear in a future update!

cool that means despite going for romance I got friendship :)


Oh no! Who's end were you going for?


Watcher but it was before the walkthroughs went up (I got busy with real life so will try again later :) )

so tried today and I think the error screen that pops up where you have to click roll back or ignore is messing with some of the conversations I got the black screen with no CG shown for Watcher again.

AH! I played the guys first, and went back for the ladies, and I have to say, Offkey has the best funny moments thus far . That last chat is perfect! especially that last couple lines from the mods. pft. Off to play the last route now

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Glad to see we have an OffKey enjoyer in the house! Her writer, Demi, did a phenomenal job with her. :D


the story was sad but the balance of humor was great. ;) 

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just finished playing the last route and ahh it's been such an amazing time!! all the characters won over my heart and romantic epilogues were so cute, it was amazing to see them all develop so much! i will definitely play many times again, thank you for making such an incredible game<3

That means the world to hear that you enjoyed everything and want to replay it! Thank you for supporting us and these amazing characters!

Thank you for your kind words and for giving our game a chance! We greatly appreciate it. ^.^

Okay, but I need a walkthrough for X apparently, because I have done it EVERY which way, and I cannot get the CG at the end... I guess it's just friendly? Someone haaaalp! 

Hi! We're in the process of writing walkthroughs, so hang tight! In the meantime, make sure that you've got the latest version of the game downloaded, as the previous versions have made it difficult to impossible to achieve his good end. Let us know if you've got any more questions or concerns!

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Walkthrough for X is now posted! Check under the "Dev Log"!

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i'm loving it! i've done the routes in the order recommended and i've been having a lot of fun. i have to say, the voice acting is really well done!! i'm no professional, so take what i say with a grain of salt— but voice acting sometimes takes me out of a visual novel. it was so well voice-acted, i didn't have this issue! so props to the VAs and whoever directed them!! <3 

spoiler territory!

all the characters are very endearing. i adore the main cast, and seeing their friendship. (like, bb/x are clearly besties. even if they bicker. while key/watcher are close friends. in offkey's route, watcher vcs key when she was feeling off (get it. off. key. offkey?) and key gives you advice in watcher's route! friendship goals.) i usually have a favorite, but i love all of them too much...

i also love love the integration of their respective cultures. seen especially with watcher, as part of his plot has to do with his feeling of disconnect to his identity. it's something i relate to, so it tugged at my heartstrings. :') speaking of, bb's asexuality!! aah! an explicit ace character! that brought me so much joy. (and the option to say we're asexual? the cherry on top of an already amazing VN.)

i can go on and on, but i'll leave it here! i still have professor x's romance route to do! (with the recent update, hopefully, that'll be easier. OTL) TLDR; spectacular, wonderful, extraordinary

Ahhh! Thanks for such a sweet review. The team is glad that this story of ours resonated with you. ^.^ Have fun on X's route - it's a trip for sure. ;)


TL;DR: I think this game is absolutely wonderful and more people should play it!!

When I played, I followed the recommended route order (save for X's route, I haven't gotten to his yet). I enjoyed each and every one of them <3 Whatever expectations I might have had, they were blown out of the water, I can tell you that. Everyone did a terrific job bringing this game alive, from the sound to the art to the writing itself.

"But wait! Why are you writing this if you haven't finished every route?" You ask me. I answer you, "because I enjoyed it so much already!"

...okay, also maybe because watcher dropped one of my favorite lines I've ever heard from a game like this. Maybe more than just one. (yes I think it is safe to say he was my favorite)

Thank you to the devs and everyone involved. It was a joy (and I still have more to see!) :D

Thank you so much for playing our game! Glad to hear that you're enjoying it! watcher is a sweetie, isn't he? Feel free to update us when  you play through X's route!

Heya, thanks for leaving such a sweet comment, it honestly made my day! watcher was a bit of a tricky character to write, so I'm glad to see that he's resonated with you. Have fun on X's route - you will not be disappointed! ;)

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It was wonderful! I love the character sprites, the customized GUI, it kinda remind me of discord. The VA's voices in VC, or from their profile~ lmao I laughed in Blowpop's introduction pfft. I also love the CGs and those memes lmaooo. I love each characters and their interactions. Love the plot and I really do enjoyed it even if its mid length. But among them I love X more. I cant help but keep giggling when he flirt (≧▽≦). But sometimes, I had to scroll down to read the new messages popping out lmao

Glad you liked it, thanks for playing! ^^

ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡ but can I ask. How can I unlock the 5th picture in gallery? I think its Offkey and also the last meme from the gallery? :3

Heya! We just updated the OffKey walkthrough with how to unlock her chat photo. The last meme in the gallery doesn't seem to appear in a lock and was never unlocked for that reason. We'll probably add it in as a freebie in a later update - thanks for letting us know! ^.^


Oh, found it! Hehe thank you~  (ノ*0*)ノ

I love this game so far! Please implement like a daily autosave with a setting that people can opt in or out of, as if you get immersed in the game and forget to save and it crashes, you lose everything. :(

Glad you're enjoying it! Autosave is definitely something we're considering for the future, thanks for the suggestion. Hopefully we'll work out most of the bugs so there are less crashes! :)


Game is very good, loved it!


Hi! Really enjoyed the game so far, it's a very fun cast of characters!

I did have a couple of bug reports though and wasn't quite sure where to send them - I found that trying to use he/him pronouns made a big stack of errors pop up right away that weren't able to be bypassed.

I also wasn't sure if I completed watcher's route correctly? The ending seemed a little anticlimactic and different from the others since there was no ending CG, but it did let me start X's route after and I couldn't seem to get any other endings when I went back and tried different choices. Not sure if I'm just missing something?

Also last thing I promise! But while trying X's route, I ran into this bug and had to quit since there were no ignore or rollback options :(

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Glad you're enjoying the game! And here is a fine place to place bug reports. :D

The watcher end you saw was the friendship end. We caught a bug that prevented you from reaching the romantic end, which should have been fixed in the 1.2 update. The X route label issue has also been fixed in the same update as well.

If you don't want to replay the entirety of watcher's route to get the romantic end, contact me on Twitter and I'll see if I can get a build sorted out for you. :)




Awesome! No worries about having to replay, I don't mind at all <3 watcher is a sweetheart haha


The game kept crashing on me- Thought I’d let you know


Sorry that's happening! Please feel free to give us as much info as you can as we work on improving the game for everyone.

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Heya, thanks for playing our game! The cause of most crashes should have been fixed in the 1.2 update. If not, you can post them here and we'll get to them ASAP!

I was playing last night with a friend and the first bug I encountered was that I was unable to use he/him pronouns. So I had to restart and use the they/them pronouns but after a while it had a similar error and the game crashed

Thanks for letting us know! Those bugs should have been fixed by the update. ^^


Yeeiii is finally released!! Will play it ASAP 🥰

Hope you enjoy it! Heads up that there's a 1.2 update right now that should fix most game-breaking bugs.